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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

William Cooper Walk, 5 December 2010, Federation Square: an Aboriginal and Jewish celebration

AThank you, Avraham, for keeping Desert updated on this.....

1) There will be a new feature on William Cooper on the "7.30 Report" one night this week on ABC-TV, probably this Wednesday 1st December.
Watch out for it - also it will be archived on 7.30 Report's website!
2) On Sunday 5th December, Uncle William's Great-Grandson, Kevin Russell, will retrace Uncle William's famous 1938 Protest Walk from Footscray to the City. Kevin will personally walk the entire route, with invitees joining him for certain parts – 
However, ALL are WELCOME to join in from the
“William Cooper Footbridge” (Footscray Station), at 9.00am approximately.
The Walk is culminating in a 
huge Jewish/Aboriginal celebration at Federation Square from 11.30am - 2.00pm
NB: Aunty Joy Murphy-Wandin will WELCOME to COUNTRY 
BYO instruments, celebrate Jewish Chanukah and enjoy Aboriginal musos and dancers!
All details on the flier above - and background info from this website:
Please, please!... spread the word -EVERYWHERE!
Place this Event on blogs, in Newsletters, print out and distribute, and of course through Facebook - let us know your RSVP by saying "I'm attending!"  
Teachers/Youth Leaders - bring the whole group!
3) William Cooper entourage joining Kevin Rudd and Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on the following Sunday 12th and Monday 13th December - when the main Holocaust Museum in the world, Yad Vashemin Jerusalem, hosts a tribute to its first ever Indigenous Australian. 
(Fundraising for this trip continues - please see Facebook of Kevin Milstein for details). 
Looking forward to seeing you as this amazing journey continues 
of Uncle William being honoured far-and-wide... 
"when you see evil, even 1 person can make a difference..."
- if only the Federal Government of Australia 
would show the interest shown by other Governments...
Please reply-email with any requests for further details, etc. 
Thank you, 
Further Info - 0413 962 037

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