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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Horns of a dilemma: Diarmuid O'Murchu and The Lord's Prayer

On the horns of a dilemma
(and I don't mean the poor jailed goat)!

Over at Diarmuid O' Murchu's site I found a lovely version of The Lord's Prayer supposedly "based on the original Aramaic - source unknown". I like the prayer. It has struck a chord with me. However....

and it is a big however, Michael Booker at the National Association of Scholars site gives the background to the prayer.

Ah, caution!
I think I should bear in mind what Michael Booker has to say.

But, as a prayer, I think it's not bad. And striking a chord in me - as it undoubtedly does with others - bears witness to our thoughts on the universe, idealistic or psuedo-poetic though they be. So I pass it on here - but without the claims for the 'original' Aramaic.

The Lord’ s Prayer

(modern version by Neil Douglas-Klotz)

O Cosmic Birther of all radiance and vibration! Soften the ground of our being
and carve out a space within us where your presence can abide.

Fill us with your creativity so that we may be empowered
to bear
the fruit of your mission.

Let each of our actions bear fruit in accordance with your desire.

Endow us with the wisdom to produce and share
what each being needs
to grow and flourish.

Untie the tangled threads of destiny that bind us,

as we release others from the entanglement of past mistakes.

Do not let us be seduced by that which would divert us from our true purpose,
but illuminate the opportunities of the present moment.

For you are the ground and fruitful vision, the birth, power and fulfilment,
as all is gathered and made whole once again.


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