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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Meditation 1

Lord, I am your child.

In some mysterious sense, my Father, you are hungry for my love.

Your love is mediated through words and the Word,

through sunsets and rain and the whispering trees,

soft shadows on the water.

I was created for friendship with you, my Creator.

I was redeemed for friendship with you, my Saviour.

I am cared for for friendship with you, my ever-present Friend.

Lord, it's not a self-improvement course I want, but you.

We taste thee, O thou living Bread,

And long to feast upon thee still.

We drink of thee the fountainhead,

And thirst our souls from thee to fill.

I have tasted a little of your goodness, Lord,

and it has both satisfied me
and made me hunger for more.

My desire is to desire you more.

Give me a gift of love - for you and for others.

And to journey towards the final self-forgetfulness

- to revel in your love forever.
From Rivers in the Desert edited by Rowland Croucher

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