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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Journey from '67: Warumungu Tribe

Long before our fathers and our fathers
Warumungu tribe was highly intelligent
Upholding their culture – protective.

Warumungu tribe celebrated corroboree,
initiating ceremonies
in the old respected ways
Rules came from the dreamtime
passed by the elders from generation to
generation –
kinship, marriages, skin group, commitments
Young ones obeying their elders
Keeping language strong, alive.

One big family of brothers and sisters
Holding their culture strictly –
Hunting grounds, sacred places, country –
They owned with strong image,
Respect and pride.
by Rosemary Plummer
published in Voices from the Heart:
contemporary Aboriginal poetry from Central Australia
collected and edited by Roger Bennett
and published by IAD Press, Alice Springs

Rosemary Plummer was born at Phillip Creek Mission in 1955. A Warumungu woman, she is one of the traditional owners of the Tennant Creek area. Rosemary began writing poetry after working in Warumungu language and cross-culture courses with non-Aboriginal people, and her poems reflect these experiences. She has been heavily involved with Papulu-Apparr Kari, the Tennant Creek Language Centre, and has served as its chairperson. Rosemary also studies linguistics with Batchelor College.

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