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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vernal Equinox 2008

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Christine at The Abbey of the Arts has called for poetry and other writing about the Equinox. Here below is my contribution:

UTC 080922 15.44

It happened last night:
AEST 080923 01.44.

It came in southern darkness
To say that summer isn’t far away.
It came in the sleepy midnight
To say that winter really would go
And the sun would come to stay.

This is my true herald of hope.
The depression and gloom of winter go
Replaced with hope and blossoming life
And a knowledge that sun and heat
Will cleanse my soul
And joy it into play.


  1. Miss Eagle, thanks for offering this vision of the other half of the world and my apologies for creating a theme that excludes my wonderful Australian friends. I love that you jumped into the party anyway. Beautiful words!

  2. Unfortunately I missed the Equinox. Thanks for letting me know about it, anyway. I can appreciate the idea of it, one day late.
    My Spring flowers are near their prime, and the first Tree Peony is budding.
    These will give me a clue by which to remember the seasonal transition in future years.