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Monday, December 15, 2008

Third Sunday of Advent 2008: Gaudete Sunday - Rejoice!

Went over to Eltham last night for their Multi-faith Carols by Candlelight. The Carols were to have been held in the Eltham Town Square - with a rain-affected strategy of retreat to the Catholic Church. Well, it was at the Catholic Church - but not because of rain. It was because of the cold - following all the rain of Friday and Saturday. Imagine - December in Australia and Carols have to be indoors because of the cold!!!

The Rev Stephen
Delbridge whose wife Libby is the Vicar of St Margaret's Anglican Church wrote his very first song for the occasion called "Dreaming". 


Dreaming God is with us
Dreaming God is here
Jesus born among us
Born afresh each year.
Listening to the rising wind,
Tossing the leaves,
teasing the night,
God is calling across the sky,
Jesus in love is coming in light.

Whispering to the sleeping Joseph,
Baby unseen, gift to the world,
Mary alerted holds her breath,
Joseph in trembling,
wonders unfurl.

Jesus is born love and tears,
Held in embrace, hope amongst fear.
Mary knows God is born this night,
Joseph holds promise
new life so dear

(c) Stephen Delbridge 2008
Please note:
The words of Stephen's song are published here by permission.
If you wish to use the words and if you wish to obtain the music that accompanies them,
please email Stephen at 
PS:  The Christmas Bowl collection was for "Disaster Risk Reduction" in the Pacific Islands. The money will go to help people reduce the damage from cyclones which have increased in frequency due to climate change.

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