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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The joy, the gift of books

Readers of Desert will note my penchant for adding further details of books, media, netlinks to posts where possible.  This is part of my aim to make this blog a true resource base for those interested in desert spirituality and topics connected to that interest.

The other day while posting on the passing of Elise Boulding, I discovered the book pictured above.  This caught my attention for two reasons: matters monastic are usually appropriate to Desert and, of course, this would be a perfect fit for my food blog, Oz Tucker.

And then, while resourcing this post about my friend Avraham's new radio show, I discovered this book. As an environmental campaigner, I wanted to know more and better about this topic I had come across from Jewish friends previously.  So.......

.....to the wonders of the used bookshops of the USA. 
 Now, let's be clear and honest upfront. I am a book addict - a barely in control junkie!  In these days of my great antiquity, a limited budget and bookshelf limitations keep me in check - somewhat.  I rarely buy a new book - but an exception was made for Shane Howard's Lyrics. Mostly second hand stuff and usually that is related to water issues and natural resource management.  I use libraries and inter-library loan systems.  (BTW, forgot to mention that I was formerly a librarian!)  These books qualify for their keeping qualities, their utility, and their blog-relatedness and resourcefulness.

I regularly order from the used booksellers who advertise and link with Amazon.  The quality is superb, the prices are highly competitive (i.e. low) which means that when postage to Australia is added the books are still reasonably priced and, usually, I am getting the standard of a brand new book at less than brand new prices.

And then there is the method of delivery....

My daughter does regular clothes and homewares purchasing from catalogues.  We are used to the rat-tat-tat on the front door about 7 to 8am and opening the door to parcels on the step as the white van with an anonymous Santa Claus drives away.  

And that's how I feel when the bookseller parcels turn up - gifted.  My presents have arrived!  Sometimes a note is inside.  Often nothing.  Packaging always excellent.  And this morning REALSIMPLEDEALS of New Haven, Missouri wrote on the package in black texta a cheery and encircled Thank You!

So stay tuned.  Snippets from my purchases will almost certainly end up in a post as I share my gifts with you, dear Readers.

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