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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Non-violent Leadership for Interfaith Peacebuilders


Nonviolent Leadership for Interfaith Peacebuilders

I would like to draw your attention to a very exciting opportunity entitled, Nonviolent Leadership for Interfaith Peacebuilders. It is a new 8-day residential program designed for young people aged 18-30 years from a variety of different faith backgrounds who hold a common passion to lead their generation towards the goal of a world without violence, intolerance and injustice. It is offered free of charge to successful applicants (excl travel). 

The program involves two modules in 2012 and includes supporting participants to engage in a community project developed by each participant in his or her individual faith community. The 8 day residential retreat will take place at the beautiful and idyllic surrounds of Amberley Retreat and Spirituality Centre on the Yarra River in MELBOURNE where participants will journey into the depths of learning the ways and skills of nonviolent living, leadership, interfaith work, community work, social change, developing one's identity, purpose and sense of belonging and self-care.


Module 1: The Inner and Outer Journey of Nonviolent Leadership (5 day)
4.30 pm Sunday 29th January  and 4 pm Friday 3rd February 2012

Module 2: The Tool-Kit For Nonviolent Leadership (3 day)
9 am Wednesday 11th April and 4 pm Friday 13th April 2012

Further details and application forms are available from the website:
Or contact Simon Reeves on 0408 299 981 or email simon.reeves81@gmail.com

Please feel free to forward this program onto your networks 
and recommend young people from your 
organisation, faith network or community group to apply. 
Hurry, spaces are limited to 20 participants. 
Applications should be in by 30 November.


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