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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Advent 1 - Reflection - Justice and Reconciliation


The reflection below was prepared by the
Social Justice Group
All Saints Mitcham, in Melbourne, Australia.


During Advent, the Social Justice group is asking the people of All Saints to reflect on a portion of Advent scripture in a context of Justice. To-day, and in the ensuing three Advent Sundays, the pew sheets will include brief reflections to include in your studies and prayers in the week ahead.

Psalm 80: 7
Restore us, O God of hosts,
Let your face shine,
That we may be saved.

This is a cry in the hearts of God’s people.
It is a cry for restoring a people,
Restoring a relationship,
Bringing things back to where they once were
To rescue people from the current state of affairs.

As we look across the world to-day,we see famine, wars, unemployment, financial disaster, instability in many nations, people fleeing their countries for their lives and their security. These conditions impact at a personal level.

There are cries seeking
restoration, reconciliation, salvation.

We have seen this year peoples’ revolutions, the Occupy protests, riots, as well as environmental catastrophes.

People everywhere long for
restoration, a shining  face, salvation.

To-day, this Advent Sunday, we reflect on the very commencement of our journey to salvation and all that means. It means even-ing up the scales, restoring relationships, putting things back on an even keel, freeing us up to move to a better place.

Restoration means making new.

It means repair and replacement.
This is where the personal meets
the family, meets the community, meets the nation, meets the whole world.


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