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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Lord's Prayer - the Taoist version


The Lord's Prayer
(Taoist Inspired Version by Matthew Fox)

O Mother of the Universe,
Our Great Mother, the Tao,
You dwell in nature, in the sky, and in the heavens.

Empty yet inexhaustible,
You give birth to infinite worlds
You flow through all things, inside and outside,
May you give birth through us.

Sacred is your unnameable name.
Open our hearts like the sky.

May each being in the universe
Return to the common source that is You and that is serenity.
Then, realizing where we come from,
Earth will be like heaven
and we will become naturally tolerant,
Disinterested, amused,
Kindhearted as a grandmother,
Dignified as a king.

May we, immersed in your order,
Deal with whatever life brings us
Knowing that when death comes, we will be ready.

May we heed your teaching that violence,
Even when well intentioned,
Always rebounds upon itself.

May we learn that our enemies are not demons
But human beings like ourselves.

Help us to remain centred in you
So that all things will be in harmony.
Then the world would become a paradise.
All people would be at peace
And the law would be written in our hearts.

As we learn to accomplish the great task
By a series of small acts
May we be patient with friends and enemies,
Compassionate toward ourselves
In order to reconcile all beings in the world.


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