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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Ash Wednesday: a remembrance of who we really are and a prayer of repentance

There are two services at Saint Paul's, Humffray Street, Ballarat to-day for Ash Wednesday. I went to the 12 noon one and the next one is at 7pm.  My forehead is well-crossed with the ashes which are made by burning the crosses which are returned by parishioners from last year's palm crosses which mark Palm Sunday.

On Ash Wednesday, we are called not only to repentance.  We are called to remember, to be self-aware. 

If you wish to mark this special day in a brief and simple manner, below is a short Litany of Penitence.  The words are important - but more important is the spirit which is behind the individual's saying of the words.  This is heart and mind and spirit stuff that can change your life and how you live it.

A Litany of Penitence
Eternal God, maker of heaven and earth
Have mercy on us.Incarnate Word, redeemer of the world,
Have mercy on us.Abiding Spirit, give of light and life,
Have mercy on us.For turning away from y our presence,
For disobeying your word and commandments,
Forgive us, Lord.For trusting in our own strength instead of yours,
For betraying your trust and the trust of others,
Forgive us, Lord.For resisting your grace and refusing your blessings,
For holding back from proclaiming our faith in you,
Forgive us, Lord.For damaging this earth and exploiting its creatures,
For neglecting and wasting the gifts you have give us,
Forgive us, Lord.
For failing to forgive as we have been forgiven,
For judging others and bearing grudges,
Forgive us Lord.For skimping on our commitments and relationships,
For failing in hospitality,
Forgive us, Lord.For tolerating oppression, injustice, and wrong,
For keeping silent when we should have spoken up,
Forgive us, Lord.For turning away when others have offered us love,
For closing our hearts when others have needed compassion,
Forgive us, Lord.For all we have done unkindly, unjustly and dishonestly,
For our careless speech and hurtful words,
Forgive us Lord.


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