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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Season of the Soul: Sighs and Groans

Albrecht Durer c 1493
Sighs and Groans
O do not use me
After my sins! look not on my dessert,
But on your glory! Then you will reform
And not refuse me: for you only art
The mighty God, but I a silly worm;
O do not bruise me!

O do not urge me!
For what account can your ill steward make?
I have abused your stock, destroyed your woods,
Sucked all your storehouses: my head did ache,
Till it found out how to consume your goods:
O do not scourge me!

O do not blind me!
I have deserved that an Egyptian night
Should thicken all my powers; because my lust
Has still sewed fig-leaves to exclude your light:
But I am frailty, and already dust;
O do not grind me!

O do not fill me
With the turned vial of your bitter wrath!
For you have other vessels full of blood,
A part whereof my Savior emptied hath,
Even unto death: since he died for my good,
O do not kill me!

But O reprieve me!
For you have life and death at your command;
You are both Judge and Savior, feast and rod,
Cordial and Corrosive: put not your hand
Into the bitter box; but O my God,
My God, relieve me!
George Herbert

1 comment:

  1. Hi Miss Eagle,
    That Durer image is unusual. The Christ looks like he is just bored, waiting for the NRMA van to come and change a tyre, or something.
    No sense of anguish, or pain, despite the crown of thorns, the penetration marks in his side, etc. Very odd.
    He appears to have risen from the dead, from the cave behind him, but no sense of triumph is portrayed.
    Durer was a wonderful draftsman, though.