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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now when are we? A look at liturgical calendars in the Christian tradition

The major feasts of the Christian community known as The Church are behind us in this liturgical year.  We are well and truly forging along in The Green Season.  This time (as marked above) is known as The Green Season because green vestments are the norm in this period - and it is a substantial period.  It is the 'Ordinary' period of community life.  Given the connotation of Green in our culture at this period of history, it is fitting to have to face our greenness Sunday in and Sunday out if we are part of a community which supports a vestment-ed clergy.  

Christians keep track of these events through liturgical calendars and the net has quite a few for us to use.  I like the Cyberfaith one.  It is clear and concise and one can move around it to check the right Sunday/week and get the best information.  Just a caution though.  This is a Roman Catholic calendar in the Western tradition of Christianity.  The Eastern tradition has a different calendar.  As well, the feasts and fasts marked on Cyberfaith relate to Roman Catholic practice so Anglican practice, for instance, will differ.

Most of the Western tradition are using a common lectionary these days so unified liturgical calendars go hand in hand with this.  

So to-day is the 11th Sunday in ordinary time. 

In the Anglican Calendar for Australia, we have two favourites of mine to remember this week.

To-day, we remember Antony of Padua.

On Tuesday, we remember Evelyn Underhill.

The Lady Poverty

    I MET her on the Umbrian hills,
    Her hair unbound, her feet unshod:
    As one whom secret glory fills
    She walked, alone with God.
    I met her in the city street:
    Oh, changed was all her aspect then!
    With heavy eyes and weary feet
    She walked alone, with men.
    Evelyn Underhil
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