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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Miss Eagle's Evening Prayer

Photography by Denis Wilson of The Nature of Robertson

I look back upon the day you have given me and give you thanks.
This day has been your creation and your gift to me.
You have lived your life to-day through me.

I confess that I have not lived up to the potential
You have graced for me to-day.
There were the unthinking words,
The careless thoughts,
The unmindful actions.
There were the things I should have done and didn’t do.

I confess that I have still to learn completely what is meant
By loving you with all my heart, my soul, my might, my strength.
I still have not given as much love and respect to my neighbour
As I give to myself.

I commit the close of this day to you
And place myself in your arms as I sleep.
Keep me safe in you;
Guide my sleeping thoughts and dreams
To glorify you.

If it be your will to give me another day on this earth,
So pour out your grace, your teaching, and your discipline
Into my life that I might be a fit servant of your Kingdom –
A doer of your Word and not a hearer only.

Write your word on my heart,
Put your praise on my lips,
And your strength in my spirit
As I close my eyes in your care.

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