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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bonhoeffer 4 - update

Bonhoeffer 4 update
From late last night
The four have all been charged with tresspass.
Jessica and Simon have also been charged with obstruction.
They are currently at the Rockhampton watchhouse where they will be held over night
after refusing to agree to police bail.
They will appear in the Rockhampton court tomorrow morning.
A small crowd gathered outside the watchhouse as the four were brought in.
The Christian activists who spent over 30 hours on the Shoalwater Training Area during the Talisman Saber live firing exercise will spend a night in the Rockhampton watchhouse.

The four activists, Margaret Pestorius, Jarrod McKenna, Jessica Morrison and Rev. Simon Moyle were arrested this afternoon at the Shoalwater military base and charged with Trespass. Ms Morrison and Rev. Moyle were also charged with obstruction.

All four have refused police bail and will be held overnight in the Rockhampton watchhouse. They are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

“We are relieved to know they are safe however we are concerned that the military failed to acknowledge that there were people on the base during the live firing stage of Talisman Saber. Clearly there were and yet the exercise was not halted. This is despite the protocol advised by Air Commander Meier who put it on the record in Parliament earlier this year that the exercise would stop if any one was found to be on the base,” said spokesperson Ms Treena Lenthall.

The four are expected to appear in court at 9.15am Wednesday 15 July.
For further information please contact Treena Lenthall 0447 851 858


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